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There will always be challenges and obstacles in life, but do not let these troubles stop you from getting the medical treatment you deserve and need. Some people might be immobile, have a disability, or even have transportation problems, which causes them to miss medical appointments. Sometimes, people do not bother with making an appointment because of the obstacles they are experiencing. At DelCare Health Solutions, no barriers or challenges will hinder you from getting care because, at DelCare Health Solutions, we bring the care to you in your home through Primary Home Care services.

Primary Home Care offers several personalized medical services to ensure that we meet physiological, emotional, cultural, and medical needs in the comfort of their home. Through our services, we endeavor to assist our patients to live healthier lives that are enjoyed on their terms in the comfort of their own homes. DelCare Health Solutions is committed to restoring and maintaining our patient's independence so they can continue to enjoy health improvement and restoration.

Primary HomeCare offers numerous personalized services to ensure we meet your medical and healthcare needs in the comfort of your home. Through our services, we strive to help you live a healthier life that is enjoyed on your terms. We are committed to restoring and maintaining your independence so you can continue doing the things that you like to do and spending quality time with your family.

Benefits of Primary Home Care

At DelCare Health Solutions, we provide In-Home care support services that allow individuals to live safely in the privacy of their homes. We pride ourselves in enhancing the convenience of individuals receiving excellent, evidence-based care without the trouble of finding transportation and other challenges that may occur daily. Primary Home Care services assist aging and homebound individuals with their health needs and help them to live independently while managing chronic health issues, recovering from medical setbacks, or having special needs or a disability.

Primary Home Care Assist Caregivers

Primary Home Care also helps relieve stress from patients and their family members by connecting with the individuals, identifying their needs, advocating for them, improving health literacy through patient teaching, and providing support without them having to go through the hassle of all the intricacies of getting the individuals to a particular location. Education and medical reassurance are achieved through DelCare Solution Primary Home Care services.

The services offered in YOUR HOME include:

    • Wound Care for surgical wounds and Pressure Ulcers.
    • Nutrition Therapy
    • Medication Reconciliation
    • Blood Work
    • Health Education
    • Chronic Disease Management
    • Physical Examination
    • Vaccinations

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As a Patient-Centered Family Practice, DelCare Solutions Can Provide all of your Primary Care Needs within the comforts of YOUR HOME. 

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