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When it comes to your child’s health, both on and off the field, we prefer to play it safe. This means that your child should get a sports physical once a year. We know that sports physicals can sneak up on you and it’s important that you understand the importance of these checkups and why they are critical for keeping your little athlete healthy.

About Sports Physicals

Sports physicals, also referred to as pre-participation physical examinations (PPPEs), evaluate your child’s overall health to make sure that they are healthy enough to participate in the sport of their choosing. While your child will need to get a sports physical before they begin a new athletic endeavor, they will also need to turn to our pediatric team once a year to make sure that they are still healthy and that certain health problems haven’t developed that could impact their ability to participate in certain physical activities.

The Importance of Sports Physicals

At this point, most states require that children undergo a sports physical before they can play sports. Since you want to make sure your child isn’t sitting on the bench this coming sports season, you’ll want to schedule their sports physical about a month before the school year to ensure that there is enough time to have all appropriate forms filled out by our medical team. Without our approval, your child won’t get to play so you must schedule your child’s sports physical as soon as possible.

Getting a Sports Physical

There are several aspects involved in getting a sports physical. First, our staff will check your child’s vitals including blood pressure and heart rate. We will also document their height and weight. From there, their vision and hearing will be evaluated. Next, our pediatricians will go through your child’s medical history to better understand any current health problems, as well as past illnesses, hospitalizations, or surgeries that could potentially cause problems down the road for your little athlete.

The Physical Examination is Key

Once the medical history review is complete, we will perform a comprehensive physical examination in which we evaluate the heart and lungs, abdomen, joints, and all other areas of the body to check everything from reflexes and flexibility to range-of-motion and undetected health problems or injuries.

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