How to Prepare For a DOT Physical

Prepare for your DOT physical in Wilmington, DE with the help of Dr. Autherine Sterling and Dr. Nadine Lindsay of DelCare Health Solutions.

What Is a DOT Physical?

A DOT (Department of Transportation) physical is a physical examination mandated by the government for all aspiring commercial drivers. You won’t be able to maintain your commercial driver’s license if you fail your DOT physical. Only medical examiners certified by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) administer DOT physicals.

Expect the examination to begin with the medical examiner asking about your medical history. They will ask about health issues you’ve had previously, any conditions you’re dealing with, and medications you’re taking for them. The medical examiner will also ask about your alcohol, drug, and tobacco consumption habits.

Following the interview, the medical examiner will conduct a comprehensive physical. They will check your vitals and see if you’re displaying any symptoms that may be consistent with certain diseases.

Medical examiners will use their discretion to decide if you should pass or fail your physical. Commercial drivers may sometimes be granted exemptions for their existing conditions.

Get ready for your upcoming DOT physical in Wilmington, DE by consulting with Dr. Sterling and Dr. Lindsay of DelCare Health Solutions.

Preparing for Your DOT Physical

You should prepare for your DOT physical by first consulting with a doctor. Tell your doctor about your plans to undergo the physical and ask them how you can get in better shape. During the consultation, your doctor may give you a new diet or medication that can help improve your physical condition.

The doctor can also examine your eyes and ears. If your vision and hearing aren’t at the levels required for commercial drivers, you can start using glasses or hearing aids to improve them.

It would be best to take care of these things early so you have ample time to prepare for your physical.

Go to bed early on the night before your exam. Try to get as much rest as possible so you are fully alert in front of the examiner.

Remember to prepare your documents and set your alarm early. That way, you won’t have to rush out the door and potentially go into the physical while feeling stressed.

Eat a healthy breakfast before leaving. Don’t take the DOT physical unless you are in peak physical condition. Hydration is essential as well. Drink plenty of water during breakfast, and bring a water bottle along for the exam so you can stay hydrated.

Get yourself in the best condition possible ahead of your DOT physical in Wilmington, DE by calling (302) 467-1778 and working with Dr. Sterling and Dr. Lindsay of DelCare Health Solutions.

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