Why You Should See Your Primary Care Physician

You may not go to the doctor unless you're ill, which seemingly makes sense. However, you could be missing out on what a primary care provider can supply you. And fortunately, when you come to DelCare Health Solution, either Dr. Nadine Lindsay or Dr. Autherine Vissy Sterling, serving Wilmington, DE, and the neighboring communities, has a lot to offer patients.

Get a Thorough Assessment

When you visit a primary care doctor in Wilmington, DE, for a routine physical, you receive a comprehensive evaluation. At this time, your practitioner can often detect certain problems when treatment is easier. You also have a better prognosis at this point in many cases. 

Guidance on Better Health Practices

Sometimes, your lifestyle may be what's having a large impact on your overall health. By visiting a practitioner for routine health screenings, you can learn ways to improve your health, such as changing your diet or getting more exercise. 


An inoculation works to help your body to build immunity to a certain virus or bacteria. You then won't feel as sick when you come in contact with it, and in many cases, you might not have any effects if you come in contact with the microbe.

During a routine examination, a doctor from our office can help you decide which vaccinations are right for you, if any. You can then ward off potentially fatal or serious conditions. 

Diagnose and Manage Chronic Conditions 

Chronic conditions can last a lifetime. Besides the part of the body they affect, when they're left untreated or poorly managed, they can impact other parts of the body as well. 

Through primary care, your doctor can diagnose any chronic conditions and help you better manage them. This may be through diet or lifestyle changes or medication. Possibly, it could be through a combination of both. 

Learn to Prevent Disease

While it was briefly noted above, your doctor can help to improve your overall health. Part of the education and medication your doctor gives you can help you prevent a number of illnesses. 

Avoid Hospital Trips 

Often, many pressing issues can be treated at your doctor's office, allowing you to avoid a hospital visit. This can save you time, money, and stress. 

DelCare Health Solution has two skilled practitioners: Dr. Lindsay and Dr. Vissy Sterling. Either one can help residents of Wilmington, DE, and the nearby region, better their health through primary care. And oftentimes, this can prevent you from needing unpleasant treatments, surgeries, or other unwanted treatments. It's just important to make sure you're visiting the office routinely to receive all of these benefits. 

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