What Does a Dot Physical Consist Of?

Whether you're starting a new job as a truck driver or want to drive the entire soccer team to games, you'll need to pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical. Fortunately, the physicals are offered by your Wilmington, DE, health providers, Dr. Autherine Vissy Sterling and Dr. Nadine Lindsay of DelCare Health Solutions.

When are DOT physicals required?

You'll need to pass a DOT physical if you will be:

  • A paid driver of a vehicle carrying more than 8 people
  • Transporting hazardous materials
  • Driving a vehicle that carries more than 15 people
  • Driving a vehicle that weighs more than 10,000 pounds (either gross vehicle weight or gross combination weight)

DOT physicals ensure that you're healthy enough to handle this responsibility safely.

What happens during a DOT physical?

DOT physicals at the Wilmington, DE, office are similar to other types of physicals. Your height and weight will be measured and your blood pressure will be taken. During the physical, your doctor will check your vision and hearing, listen to your heart and lungs, and examine your mouth, throat, eyes, ears, back, abdomen, skin, reflexes and joints.

Physicals include a urine test to check your blood sugar level, as high blood sugar can be a sign of diabetes. Your doctor will also review your medical history, including surgeries, chronic conditions, and the prescription and non-prescription medications you take. She will also ask if you take any illegal drugs.

You can prepare for the physical by:

  • Writing down dosage and medication names for prescription and non-prescription medications
  • Making sure you have contact information for the doctors you see
  • Obtaining copies of recent lab tests and reports from other doctors if you're currently being treated for chronic conditions, like sleep apnea, diabetes, or high blood pressure.

Although most people pass DOT physicals, you might not be cleared to drive due to hearing or vision problems that can't be easily corrected. A health problem that may make you faint or feel dizzy, like epilepsy or uncontrolled diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, may also prevent you from passing the physical, as can conditions that affect your breathing or require you to use oxygen.

Are you ready to schedule your DOT physical? Call (302) 467-1778 to make appointments for physicals with Dr. Vissy Sterling and Dr. Lindsay of DelCare Health Solutions in Wilmington, DE.

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