Finding A Primary Care Doctor Near Me ( Willmington, DE)

If you’re looking for patient-centered care, Declare Health Solutions in Wilmington, DE is offering the highest quality of care to our patients through holistic service and patient education. Our determination to shape the healthcare industry includes providing patients with resources to understand their health in a way that can only better the community. Dr. Autherine Sterling and Dr. Nadine Lindsay of Declare Health Solutions want to engage with you to collaborate on your health.

At DelCare Health Solutions in Wilmington, DE (also offering Hockessin, DE primary care), we offer a number of different services for the individual health problems of our patients. We can assess and treat:

  • Acute disease - Health problems that don’t last very long. This may include symptoms like fever, nausea, and runny nose. More serious acute diseases could include appendicitis or pneumonia.
  • Chronic disease - Health problems that are recurring or constant. This may include illnesses like heart disease, asthma, and arthritis. 
  • Preventative care - Medical service that prepares and arms the patient against preventable diseases like cancer and heart disease. Even while healthy, patients and doctors can work together to prevent long-term health problems.
  • Women’s Health - Services and procedures that are specific to women’s health include mammograms, infertility assessments, and menopause treatment. Women’s health also includes mental health, so assessments and treatment for mental health and substance abuse are available.

Our service options should cover every basis for patient needs, but our nurse-driven practice also offers physicals for school, sports, or DOT. For nearby Hockessin, DE primary care, and for our home base, Wilmington, DE, DelCare Health Solutions can help you better your health now and in the future.

Finding the right doctor can be difficult. Trust and professionalism are huge factors in the comfort level a patient experiences with their physician. At DelCare Health Solutions in Wilmington, DE, and Hockessin, DE, we believe transparency about your health and education can only better your long-term health in preventing chronic disease and coping with health problems in the present. We hope you’ll allow Dr. Sterling and Dr. Lindsay to help create a brighter future for you and the community with patient-centered care and health education for your primary care needs. To set up your first appointment or to learn more about preventative care education, call our office at (302) 467-1778.

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