Benefits of a Family Provider

Family medicine is a medical specialty where Drs. Autherine Sterling and Nadine Lindsay provide comprehensive care for individuals of all ages and genders. At DelCare Health Solutions in Wilmington, DE, (also serving the Hockessin area) you receive tailored and compassionate quality care to help you maintain healthy lives.

What kind of care does family medicine provide?

  • Routine checkups (well-baby and child visits)
  • Health-risk assessments
  • Immunizations (make sure you visit the CDC website)
  • Screening tests, such as but not limited to pap smears, mammograms, breast exams, blood pressure, cholesterol level, and urinalysis
  • Lifestyle counseling, like nutritional advice and what exercises would work best for them
  • Treatment of common chronic conditions

A family practice may also include sports medicine, urgent care, and public health. If the patient needs it, doctors also coordinate with specialists as needed.

What are the benefits of a family provider?

Having a family physician is beneficial for those who have a family history of certain health conditions. Your Hockessin doctor has a database of what medications you've used as well and what does and doesn't work for you. This reduces the risk of errors during your treatment.

Another advantage of family medicine is regular checkups for the whole family. It's easy for the family to visit one location but it's also beneficial to step to prevent or catch diseases in their early stages.

Because family doctors have well-rounded expertise, they treat and educate patients suffering from illnesses, especially chronic diseases: high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. These conditions are serious and require consistent care, not just in your doctor's office.

Need a consultation?

Your family deserves the best medical care. Whether you need your yearly physical, have seasonal allergies, or suffer from a chronic disease, Drs. Autherine Sterling and Nadine Lindsay are here for you. You can contact DelCare Health Solutions in Wilmington, DE, also serving the Hockessin area, by calling (302) 467-1778 to schedule an appointment today!

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